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Beethoven Quia in Aeternum

beethoven vienna

We had the pleasure of receiving a very cool picture from one of our past customers. Laurie, from Sweet Thea Cakes is a big fan of music, Beethoven in particularly, and was recently touring Europe. While in Vienna he stopped by one of Beethoven’s residences “Zum Alten Blumenstock” where Beethoven would have been working on “Missa Solemnis,” considered one of the composer’s supreme achievements.

Here was Laurie’s description:

“I had the thrill of going to Beethoven’s home when he wrote ‘Missa Solemnis,’ which he thought was his best work. After a lifetime of loving music, I think I can make a case for it being the greatest musical composition ever written. Your tshirt, Beethoven’s home, Vienna Austria”

So awesome Laurie. Thanks again!

Beethoven passed on, 188 years today in 1827, but his music and memory shall live on quia in aeternum

Beethoven: http://bit.ly/1Dh13hy


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